True North strives to earn superior risk-adjusted returns for its investors and management partners by investing in proven businesses that have the potential to become world-class organizations.

Working closely with management both pre- and post-acquisition,
True North builds a partnership with management based on trust and mutual respect. While we do not get involved in day-to-day operations
of our companies, True North assists management teams in developing and executing strategies that promote growth, exploit strengths, and shore up weaknesses, with the ultimate objective of creative long-term
shareholder value.

True North mitigates investment risk by investing in sound companies, adhering to appropriate valuation parameters, conducting exhaustive due diligence, using leverage prudently, and building bridges between operating company managers and prominent business leaders and
third party advisors.

We believe that the success of a private equity investment hinges on
the shared goals of investors and company managers. Both the
principals of True North and the company’s senior managers make a significant personal investment in each operating company.